An external silicone, water repellent and self-coloured external wall coating. A lovely finish that means your external walls will not need to be painted 

Artexing or skimming over Artex

Artex is a decorative, textured ceiling coating that we offer in various patterns, or if you prefer we can skim coat plaster over an Artex ceiling to provide a flat, smooth finish

Tyrolean (external wall) coating

Tyrolean is a textured external finish for walls & houses

Floor screeding

Is the levelling and smoothing of the top layer of a material such as concrete so that the floor is the same height throughout

Patching & repairs

We can carry out large or small patching a repair works, perhaps where you had new windows fitted, moved a door or removed old wallpaper


We can tile your bathroom, ensuite, kitchen or consevatory walls and floors

Painting & decorating

We also offer our painting & decorating services to complete your project

Interior Plastering

Plastering & skimming is the application of a finishing plaster, resulting in a smooth surface ready to be decorated within a few days


Boarding over a wall or ceiling with plaster-board, the surface can then be skimmed with plaster or Artex


Involves plaster-boarding over stud walls, brickwork & ceilings, the joins are then taped over using a special tape


Either internal or external rendering is the application of a sand & cement mix applied usually to  exposed brickwork. It consists of an application of 2 layers; a scratch coat & a top coat

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